The Police Are Writing Their Own Festive RIDE Songs Now

It seems that the local police just swiped our gimmick, Carin.

The Waterloo Regional Police Service is taking a festive approach to spreading a message of safety this holiday season. Two holiday jingles – one about texting and driving and the other highlighting the decision to not drink and drive – have been set to the tune of popular Christmas carols with the hope of attracting the audience’s attention in an entertaining way.

The Waterloo Regional Police Service launched the annual Festive RIDE campaign earlier this month and checked more than 2100 vehicles, conducted six roadside tests and charged five drivers with impaired driving offences.

Texting and driving is fast becoming the number one collision-causing factor and it is very close to impaired driving for collisions causing death. Police also remind the community that the fine for distracted driving will put a dent in your holiday shopping budget at $490. 
Residents are reminded to call police if they suspect an impaired driver and we would like to wish all our community a safe and happy holiday!
Songs written by:    Alana Holtom, Kathy Riddell, and Alainna Schoenfeld
Performed by:        The WRPS Executive Office –  Staff Sergeant Mike Haffner and Alana Holtom
Music by:               Johnny Marks

Here are those songs. ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Drinker’

Jingle Bells distracted driving

Neither one is as good as the Lock it or Lose it ad from a few years ago, but not bad. I’m biased and think ours were funnier, but we’re allowed to get away with more so it’s not an entirely fair comparison. I hope they keep doing it.

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