Merry Christmas And All That Stuff

Let’s keep up the theme of bad Christmas songs with this gem.

This damn song will always remind me of a toy goose that Trixie got for Christmas…and destroyed in one sitting. The Shoe Thief and Steve nicknamed it Honky the Christmas goose, and I had no idea what they were talking about. If I strained my brain, I would remember my dad singing just “Honky, Honky the Christmas goose…” just that line over and over again. Then I looked up the song. Eeeewwww. I’m glad my dad never sang the rest.

By the way, Steve, thanks for plaguing me with that damn Christmas donkey song this morning. I wasn’t even thinking about it and there it was.

So it’s Christmas Eve and we’re getting ready to head off into the wild blue yonder of family festivities. It’s 4 days of different parties, and hopefully stories for the holiday wrap-up. I hope everyone who celebrates it has a super Christmas. It’s sure weird having it so warm at Christmas…not that I mind the warmth…except for the part where I feel worried about where this is going. See you on the other side of Christmas, everybody.

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