Thanks from Tansy to Trixie

One thing I neglected to talk about in the latest holiday wrap-up was the fact that Tansy inherited a couple of gifts I gave to Trix that she didn’t care for. She got the neat-looking squeaky duck, andthe much-sought-after Skineeez raccoon that Tans stole from Trix over and over again.

Today was kind of a gross day out there with all the freezing rain and other garbage, so we didn’t go far. Tans had needed lots of sleep, but now is bored. So I got out the duck…and she loves it. Its entire mid-section has been slobbered upon and she has chomped on most of it, and the duck looks strong as ever. We have a winner!

We got thinking. Steve wondered if the reason poor Trix destroyed so many toys is that was the way she dealt with stress. Now that she’s not stressed anymore, she doesn’t care for toys anymore. Or maybe she’s just getting older. Who knows?

At any rate, we know the duck and the raccoon will be well-used in the land of Tans.

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