Breaking: I’m In Here

I almost feel bad for laughing at Jasper Harrison here because when it comes right down to it, he did the right thing.

Sensing that the police were closing in on he and the rented storage unit that housed his marijuana grow-op, he called 911 and turned himself in. But I do wonder how he feels now that he knows that A: the police helicopter he heard circling the area wasn’t a police helicopter and B: that the police that were in the area weren’t even looking for him.

“I’m the guy they’re looking for,” he told the dispatcher.
But Edgewater police were not in the neighborhood for Harrison early Wednesday afternoon. They were investigating a man’s suspicious but unrelated death on the same street.
The helicopter Harrison heard belonged to a TV station reporting on the death, said Edgewater police Capt. Joe Mahoney.
Harrison told police where he was – locked in his rented storage unit, Mahoney said.

He’s been charged with cultivating cannabis within 1,000 feet of a school and possession with intent to sell. At last word, he was free on bond pending either a court appearance or another accidental confession.

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