Is Your Brother Home? No, But Since I Don’t Want You To Have Wasted Your Time…

For the sake of Rezwan Hussain, we’ll go over this one more time. If the police come to your house looking for someone who isn’t you, they aren’t looking for you. Stay cool, don’t panic, and whatever you do, don’t throw packages of drugs out the window, especially if their landing spot is right next […]

Rogers Wants To Improve Accessibility, Gets A Handout To Do It

I’m going to go ahead and apologize right off the top just in case I have this wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m justifiably annoyed. The Broadcasting Accessibility Fund, established as part of the conditions that allowed Bell to buy CTV several years back, has finally gotten around to handing out its first set of […]

So Long, Iron Mike Sharpe. Hopefully Somebody Can Finally Fix That Arm

Why does no one cut promos like this in 2016? The WWF had some fantastic job guys (dudes who basically never won a match) back in the 80s and 90s. If I had to pick a favourite, Iron Mike Sharpe would be near the top of my list. The constant yelling and screaming, the arm […]

Another Guide To Fake News Sites, Including The Most Headslappingly Stupid One I’ve Seen In A While

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to post the Snopes’ Field Guide to Fake News Sites and Hoax Purveyors since we just talked about fake news sites, but then I got to the part about The Stately Harold and I wanted to punch things. Specifically anyone who shares its content with intentions beyond maybe […]