Deadly Women

How about a little light reading? 12 Female Poisoners Who Killed With Arsenic

There are actually 13 of them. the last one is listed as a bonus for some reason.

There are a decent number that I wasn’t familiar with, so I definitely learned a few things. One of those things is a new nursery rhyme. Gather round, kids.

Mary Ann Cotton,
Dead and forgotten
She lies in her bed,
With her eyes wide open
Sing, sing, oh, what can I sing,
Mary Ann Cotton is tied up with string
Where, where? Up in the air
Sellin’ black puddens a penny a pair.

Even by nursery rhyme standards, that’s pretty messed up. I’m still not sure how generations of kids aren’t even more maladjusted than they are already thanks to all the nursery rhymes and bedtime stories we were subjected to.

Speaking of Deadly Women, I’d like it if somebody who watches or works on the TV show could answer me a question. What exactly is Candice DeLong’s job supposed to be? I know the answer is technically criminal profiler, but I’m more interested in what she’s actually doing, because it sure as shit ain’t profiling. Seriously, she’s the worst expert I think I’ve ever seen on any show. She adds literally nothing of value to any segment, existing only to state the bleedin’ obvious or say stupid things about how evil everyone is…”to the core!” How many years of school did it take to come to these conclusions, chief? She’s not funny, she’s not insightful, she’s not even useful. In fact, I want somebody with editing skills to take a random episode of Deadly Women and cut out everything she says. I’ll bet the show loses nothing other than a few minutes off its runtime.

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