A Tragic Loss for Guide Dogs for the Blind

I got some pretty sad news yesterday. I never have met this man, but I know he’s been involved in the GDB family for years.

I have written about the puppy truck before, when it had its accident and when they built a new one. Basically the puppy truck drives around dropping off puppies to clubs and taking dogs that are ready for class back to campus. Well, Friday night, as the drivers of the puppy truck were returning from dinner, they got hit by a car, and one of them, Lee Shenk , did not survive. Just to put it into perspective, he was one of the drivers of the puppy truck when it had its accident almost 8 years ago.

I’ve been seeing lots of stories from people about receiving puppies from him. He sounds like a kind and fun guy. I have to wonder if he had brought Tansy to her raiser or to campus. I never met him, but without people like him, we wouldn’t be able to have a puppy raising program. It sounds like whoever takes over will have big shoes to fill.

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