Loving This Story About Loving Lani

Someone shared this sweet post about someone’s guide dog whose career ended way too soon, and it gave me a little scare. LaniJo, that crazy dog, sounds a lot like the Shmans, who is snoring here beside me. I would have to ask Steve, does she sound a little crazier than Shmans, even? But the point is that dog was an amazing dog, whose career ended entirely too soon. Tans has been with me for almost 3 years. To think that her career could end at 3.5 years is terrifying. I’ll just hope that my original theory of the energy sustaining her for a super long career is the right one. I have a hard time imagining Tans being afraid of anything and everything. Keep rockin’ it, Tans.

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  1. It’s hard to say crazier without seeing her in action, but they sure do sound a lot alike. I remember you saying before you came home that Tans was somehow adorable and completely insane and maniacal at the same time, a concept I could not understand. But when you got her home and I saw her, it made sense right away. Tans, even now, is completely nuts. Not so much so anymore that I’m afraid to walk past her while carrying cups or plates or whatever, but she’s crazed. Completely unpredictable. One visit she’s calm as anything with people, the next time she’s attacking them (in a friendly way, of course). But she’s also a damn good worker. All that it takes time to bond and become a team stuff they always talk about basically didn’t apply to you guys. From day one it was like you’d been doing this forever. Still is.

    And that last trip sounds a lot like the one you and Trixie had. It was even to a restaurant, which is a little weird.

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