Little Old Lady Who

If one hasn’t already been found, the city of Cranston, Rhode Island is in need of a new executive director for its Senior Enrichment Center. This is because Sue Stenhouse (A.K.A. the one they had) has turned in her resignation after it came out that she enlisted one of the center’s male bus drivers to dress up as an old woman and pretend to be a resident during a press conference. You know, because old folks are quite the scarce commodity at seniors centres…or something…I guess.

NBC 10 News covered the press conference last week at the Cranston Senior Center. Sources told the I-Team that the bus driver for the senior center masqueraded as a woman to make it look good for the media.
Video and pictures from the Jan. 5 press conference show the man standing next to Stenhouse and Mayor Allan Fung.
The man was wearing a dress, earrings, lipstick, a wig, as well as a tag that read, “Cranston Senior Home Resident.”

When a reporter went to her home in the hopes of getting an interview, Stenhouse initially offered no comment beyond go away, but then thought better of it and decided to say a few words. Though we know little about her judgment beyond what we’ve just seen, you may nonetheless be able to guess how that went.

“I’ve been in a meeting all night being a great public servant for the city of Warwick,” she said. “And now I get this bullshit.”

Probably should have stuck with go away, Sue.

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