Who In The Hell Won The Royal Rumble?

I don’t have a whole lot to say here, but I’d like the record to show that I should have picked HHH instead of Bray Wyatt to win the Royal Rumble.

The record also needs to show that wile he did eliminate roman Reigns like I thought he would, it wasn’t the final elimination of the match. That was Dean Ambrose.

Also, whoever decided that the League of Nations should pull Roman out of the ring, beat the living hell out of him and leave him for dead but then not throw him back inside so that somebody could officially eliminate him is a moron. Yeah, let’s let the unstoppable monster recover in the back for 20 or 30 minutes. that’ll work. Or better yet, if the plan is to pull him out of the ring, why not pull him over the top rope and save you running the risk of leaving it up to someone else to do the eliminating? I get that heels aren’t always supposed to think their cunning plans all the way through, but this one bothers me every time I think about it. My best guess as to why is that everyone in WWE, be they face or be they heel, is so often booked like a goddamned idiot that it’s hard to tell the difference, which in turn makes it awfully hard to care, which then makes you wonder why you’re wasting your time on this shit.

The show wasn’t bad, by the way. I doubt I’ll ever have a strong urge to rewatch it, but I wouldn’t object too strenuously if somebody wanted to watch it with me. If you only have time to skim, watch the Last Man Standing Match and enough of the Rumble to see AJ Styles come out. The rest wasn’t bad, but years…who am I kidding…weeks down the road, those are the only two things I’m really likely to remember.

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