Is Your Brother Home? No, But Since I Don’t Want You To Have Wasted Your Time…

For the sake of Rezwan Hussain, we’ll go over this one more time.

If the police come to your house looking for someone who isn’t you, they aren’t looking for you. Stay cool, don’t panic, and whatever you do, don’t throw packages of drugs out the window, especially if their landing spot is right next to where the police car is still parked. This should be elementary level stuff to a guy who’s running a multi-million dollar drug operation, but I suppose that’s why the words should and is mean different things.

Greater Manchester Police initially visited the property to speak to Hussain’s brother about an unrelated matter in March of this year.
But while he told police that his brother wasn’t home at the time, Hussain panicked and threw the drugs out of the window – before they were subsequently discovered by officers returning to their vehicle.
A further search of the property led police to discover a ‘sophisticated’ set up in the basement’s property – with items such as a cocaine purity test, a hydraulic press and digital scales discovered alongside a 250 kg drugs haul.

Amusingly, police still haven’t found the brother, at least not at the time of this report. Hussain, on the other hand, won’t be hard to locate for the next 11 and a half years.

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