That DollarsDirect Commercial. So Damn Catchy

Update 2: Original video replaced. That was easier than I expected. Update: It seems the video has been taken down. So while I do my best to hunt up a replacement, enjoy this different DollarsDirect ad which is also pretty good. Original: And now, I give you Payday Joe, the catchiest commercial jingle since Dan’s […]

What Did You Say Your Name Was? Hardon?

Sometimes this stuff is way too easy. According to a SLED affidavit dated Feb. 18, Officer Marshall Lee Hardin, II was in his parked patrol car at Woodward Park on Ballpark Road back on Dec. 13, 2015. Hardin, the affidavit continues, was watching pornography on his personal phone when he performed a sex act on himself […]

Please Stop Sending Money To Televangelists. They’re Ripping You Off And Killing You

I don’t know anyone who’s been conned to a dangerous degree, but I have known people who watch, believe and may have even sent them money a time or two though I can’t prove that last one, only suspect it. Even so, I hope that if hell is a real place, that there’s an extra […]

I’m Attorney Michael Petersen Of Crook, Cheat, Liar And Thief

Wisconsin attorney Michael D. Petersen is a crook, a cheat, a thief and a liar. Even he would tell you so if you were to inquire about retaining his services. Why? Because he is legally obliged to do so until he finishes serving out the contempt of court sentence laid on him by Judge Philip […]