Did They Find The Car He Used To Get There, I Wonder

Maybe it was raining. Maybe he’d missed his bus, had someplace else to be and realized he wasn’t going to make it. Maybe his leg was bothering him and he didn’t want to walk all the way home on it. Or maybe Courtney Cordell Wheat is simply one of the stupider of the stupid imbeciles in town. One of these theories has to explain why Wheat, who is 30 years old and should probably know better, would walk into a Taco Bueno restaurant, apply for a job, then leave and decide to take off in the idling car of a guy who was walking in as he was walking out. You know, that last guess is starting to make quite a bit of sense.

The Nissan 280 Z Wheat allegedly stole belongs to Brandon Jones. Jones says he went back inside the restaurant because they left out his son’s kid’s meal.
“I ran back up there and didn’t think anything about it. Left it running right there by the door so I could get his food and come home and eat,” Jones said.
Jones says as he was walking in, Wheat was walking out.

“I saw my car just dip down and I knew someone was in my car,” Jones said.
That’s when Jones says he went outside and unsuccessfully tried to break the car window.

“I was like ‘Hey dude this is my car, what are you doing?’ you know,” Jones said.
Jones says a manager at Taco Bueno attempted to follow Wheat in the vehicle but was unsuccessful.
After getting Wheat’s identity from the job application, Kilgore Police notified area law enforcement to be on the lookout for the car.

He was charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle, which is one of the fancier alternatives to just saying car theft I’ve heard in some time. If convicted he could face up to two years in prison, which means that either this town doesn’t mess around or that this isn’t Wheat’s first rodeo. I’m inclined to go with option B, but we’re dealing with Texas so lord only knows.

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