Not So Live From New York…

The other night I was home alone flipping channels when I happened upon quite the old episode of Saturday Night Live. As I sat there watching it, it struck me that I never did put up any sort of so long for Don Pardo. He died in the summer of 2014 right when things were going from bad enough to a whole lot worse for Carin and my computer was broken so I know I have a good excuse, but let’s fix that now because one of the most iconic voices in history not to mention the official signal to every kid to grow up in the last 40 years that they’re staying up late deserves at least something. I think this tribute video should do the job nicely. Quite a few neat clips in here.

And I’ll throw in I Lost On Jeopardy while I’m at it, because his part in the middle always made me laugh.

“You don’t even get a lousy copy of our home game! You’re a complete loser!”

I’m sure Darrell Hammond does a fine job announcing SNL now, but I doubt there’ll ever be another Don Pardo.

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