Cross Over A Roundabout Without Crossing Over To The Great Beyond

When I first read about pedestrian crossovers being installed at all roundabouts in town, I got kind of excited. You already know how I feel about roundabouts, so I thought these would make it easier. But I think I need more information.

First, how will they be marked? Will it be done consistantly?
Second, if I still need to make eye contact with the drivers, how is this any better?
Third, why didn’t they go with the beacons? I would like to do my part to let them know I’m about to step out into traffic in a way that doesn’t involve making eye contact.

I think I need to see one before I can truly make up my mind. I hope these do make roundabouts something I can use with confidence. Hahahahahahaah! That’s a good one! Ah well, I can dream.

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  1. Yeah. The continued emphasis on eye contact and watching has me a little concerned about how useful this is actually going to be for us blind people. Obviously we can hear when vehicles are stopping under ideal circumstances, but generally roundabouts go in extremely busy areas where it could easily be so loud that none of that matters. I’d really like to see a few in action too and I hope I’m putting too much thought into this, because it would be kinda nice not to have to completely avoid an area or pay for an absurdly expensive ride out there just because there’s a roundabout.

  2. Ottawa has been going RoundAboutMad for some time. Thing is, there is no current Ontario legislation to guide installations of the things. However, the Legislature is supposed to be forming such guidelines and, it is hoped, will protect pedestrians. Don’t hold your breath, however.

    1. You’re probably right about not having high hopes, but the idea that they’re at least going to try to formalize some sort of standards sounds kind of nice. If nothing else it could maybe give folks like us a sporting chance at being part of the process, for whatever that’s ultimately worth.

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