Cross Over A Roundabout Without Crossing Over To The Great Beyond

When I first read about pedestrian crossovers being installed at all roundabouts in town, I got kind of excited. You already know how I feel about roundabouts, so I thought these would make it easier. But I think I need more information.

First, how will they be marked? Will it be done consistantly?
Second, if I still need to make eye contact with the drivers, how is this any better?
Third, why didn’t they go with the beacons? I would like to do my part to let them know I’m about to step out into traffic in a way that doesn’t involve making eye contact.

I think I need to see one before I can truly make up my mind. I hope these do make roundabouts something I can use with confidence. Hahahahahahaah! That’s a good one! Ah well, I can dream.

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