Wanna See My Pipe?

What’s worse than going to a service call and stripping in front of the homeowner before you get down to work? Doing it again when the job is done.

Police say a Tilbury, Ont., woman called a plumber in Jan. 16 after finding she had no hot water.
It’s alleged that when the plumber arrived, he stripped naked in front of the homeowner and put on his overalls and, upon completing the job, undressed again and put his clothes back on.
The man then gave the woman a bill and left.

No word on whether the bill contained an extra charge for the all male revue or if it was considered a value-added service.

In any case, a 55-year-old man who’s name was not reported has been charged with mischief, which I guess makes sense since mischief is kind of a catch-all for things like taking your pants off for the customers which probably don’t have their own specific sections in the criminal code.

Police also say they have a sneakin’ suspicion that this isn’t buddy’s first rodeo, and ask that anyone who may have been present at a previous one contact them as soon as possible.

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