Nelly Furtado’s O Canada Was Not The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Heard, And I Can Prove It

People have been shitting all over it, but to my ears there’s not a thing wrong with the version of O Canada that Nelly Furtado sang at the NBA All-Star game.

Is it a bit different? Sure. But it’s not *that* different, and it’s certainly nowhere near as horrifying as people on Twitter made it sound. She sang a few different notes while somebody played a flute in the background. That’s it. Seriously, lighten up. It’s not as if she set out to top this classic rendition from a time long long ago (1994) when noted Canadian metropolis Las Vegas, Nevada, boasted its own CFL franchise.

Now that, that was bad. And I’m going to assume the issue here is that everyone bitching and chewing about Nelly Furtado is too young to remember it, because she would be your hero by comparison otherwise.

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