Please Stop Sending Money To Televangelists. They’re Ripping You Off And Killing You

I don’t know anyone who’s been conned to a dangerous degree, but I have known people who watch, believe and may have even sent them money a time or two though I can’t prove that last one, only suspect it. Even so, I hope that if hell is a real place, that there’s an extra special, extra warm section set aside there just for televangelists.

That video is 20 minutes long, but it’s worth it. It’s funny, it’s informative (especially if you’re starting to see the light), and unlike most of these scammy prick outfits it actually ended up doing some good in the form of thousands of dollars in donations to the Our Lady Of Perpetual Exemption church being sent to Doctors Without Borders, as opposed to Preachers Without Morals, where all that cash traditionally ends up.

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