United Breaks The Seal?

This one’s slightly questionable, but since messed up shit has a tendency to happen at airports I’m going with it until I hear a good reason not to.

The woman, who flew from Newark to San Francisco last week, says that when she opened her checked baggage she saw yellow stains and smelled urine, TMZ reports.
According to the woman, when she went to unpack she found what she believes was urine on both the clothing and the lining of her bag.

The woman, who Consumerist didn’t name but TMZ identifies as Laura Henry, is pretty sure that someone working for United is responsible, because believe it or not she didn’t piss on her own belongings before checking them.

She took the bag to the airport the next day, but says a United employee didn’t believe her story. She filed an official complaint anyway and in spite of thinking she’s a liar liar pants fire extinguished by a stream of the making of somebody who totally doesn’t work here, United offered to replace the damaged bag. As for its damaged contents, Henry says that after a few trips through the wash they seem to be ok, which is nice.

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