That DollarsDirect Commercial. So Damn Catchy

Update 2:
Original video replaced. That was easier than I expected.

It seems the video has been taken down. So while I do my best to hunt up a replacement, enjoy this different DollarsDirect ad which is also pretty good.

And now, I give you Payday Joe, the catchiest commercial jingle since Dan’s Discount Windows and Doors.

It’s been around a while, but I’ve noticed lately that it’s had a resurgence thanks in large part to the Fight Network which seems to have given DollarsDirect a sweetheart deal on approximately 3 trillion ad slots.

Anyway, I’ve caught myself humming this thing I don’t know how many times in the last couple weeks, and now that I’ve belted it out in full voice in the shower I think it’s time to spread the love. No, I don’t have recordings of me singing in the shower. Well, unless Carin knows something I don’t.

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