Private Memorial $5.99, Public Memorial $7.99!

I don’t remember the last time I saw a K-Tel commercial on TV, but back in the day they used to be every damn where selling every damn thing. Kitchen gadgets, compilation albums with names like Explosive Hits, Hit Machine and Goofy Greats (I think I still possess a cassette copy of that one to […]

Goodbye Philippines, And Everywhere Else, Too

There’s drunk, there’s really drunk, and then, apparently, there’s let’s hug this enormous New Year’s Eve firecracker as it’s about to go off drunk. A drunk man died after he embraced a giant firecracker called Goodbye Philippines as it was about to explode, health secretary Janet Garin told reporters. “His jaw was shattered. He was […]

Did He Think The Cop Would Think He Was The Pharmacist?

When you absolutely have to get to Walmart at 3:30 in the morning and the clothes you’re wearing and bags you’re carrying contain any or all of the following: two suboxone strips 0.5 grams of methamphetamine 6.4 grams of marijuana 0.7 grams of unidentified crystals 5 baggies containing 5.2 grams of black tar heroin a […]

Blink-182 Have A New Song. It’s Called Bored To Death And It Isn’t Bad

I used to really like Blink-182 when I was younger. I wouldn’t say I hate them now, but it’s been a long ass time since I’ve paid them any mind. If memory serves, that started around the time they put out that I Miss You song. It irrationally annoyed me whenever he’d say the word […]

More Wrestling On Fight Network. CMLL Is Coming In May

I’m not sure what’s behind the Fight Network adding all this wrestling lately, but I certainly approve. It’ll be nice to have some AAA and CMLL available around here. It’ll hopefully make it easier to follow what’s going on in Mexico. Fight Network to Debut Weekly CMLL Wrestling Series on Cinco de Mayo Toronto – […]

Help Fund Dictation Bridge And Bring Affordable Voice Recognition Technology To Screenreaders

Back in February, Carin mentioned the great potential of Dictation Bridge, a software package that, if developed, would provide voice recognition functionality to a range of screenreaders at no cost. At the time she wrote that post it was still a shell of an idea at least in the promotional sense, and it turned out […]

It’s So Nice To Be Out, Just The Two Of Us. What’s That Honey? I Was Pretending I Was Somewhere Better

As I sit here, thinking yet again that maybe I’m just getting old, it strikes me that while I know many types of people from many different age groups, I have yet to meet a single one who either finds or would admit to finding that a nice dinner out with friends or a loved […]