The Arrogant Worms Would Like Your Help Funding Their Hopefully Very Long Goodbye

The Arrogant Worms are crowdfunding another album. Sadly, it’s their farewell album. Well, their first farewell album, anyhow.

We want to put out a new album for our 25th year but we NEED YOUR HELP!
The Arrogant Worms have been cranking our melodic Canadian comedy for a quarter of a century now. And a big number like that deserves something special! That is why, just like all the greats, we are announcing that this album, and the tour to support it, COULD BE THE VERY LAST for all of time, eternity, and foreverness!
Just like our close friends KISS (who stopped touring in 2000), Ozzie Osborne (who hung it up for good in 1991), and the WHO (who performed their last concert in 1982) we are completely and utterly serious about this. Our word is our bond.
Unless things go well, in which case we’ll make our “Farewell Tour” an annual event and put out a couple dozen more Farewell Albums.
How Can You Help?
You can order the album perk, get one of the other perks, or just give us something because we’re such swell guys. We definitely need the help. Even though it’s harder to sell music these days, the cost of making a good album is the same as it ever was. You do the math. (Please. We don’t like doing math.)
Join the Worm Army!
We’ll be supporting the album with our “First Farewell Tour” and the best way to  know when we’re coming to town is to sign up for our email list. Also, please SPREAD THE WORD using whatever tools you have possible.
Thanks to everyone who’s helped us stick around for this long! We hope to see you on our First Farewell Tour or another one of our Farewell Tours in the near future.
Worm Regards,
     The Arrogant Worms

Like last time, they have some fun donation perks. I think this one’s my favourite.

$95 CAD + Shipping
Be Our Flat Stanley!+CD + pre
Send us a picture or cartoon of yourself and we’ll take you on tour for a day! Have breakfast at a continental buffet, pull over to yet another Tim Horton’s, come on stage for our concert! We’ll take pictures and post them on Facebook and Twitter and introduce the audience to the two-dimensional version of you! You also get the autographed CD and digital pre-release)

Here’s that link again should you feel like helping them out. And here’s your handy donating soundtrack.

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