Help Fund Dictation Bridge And Bring Affordable Voice Recognition Technology To Screenreaders

Back in February, Carin mentioned the great potential of Dictation Bridge, a software package that, if developed, would provide voice recognition functionality to a range of screenreaders at no cost.

At the time she wrote that post it was still a shell of an idea at least in the promotional sense, and it turned out the reason she couldn’t figure out how to “send them some dough” was that in spite of what was stated in the audio promo, there was no place to send it. Well, now there is, in the form of an Indiegogo campaign.

At the time I’m writing this they’re up to $750 of their $20000 goal, so they’ve got a ways to go. Fortunately they still have two months to get there, so I like their odds. As I said under Carin’s post, I’d have killed for something like this back in the 90s when my arm was broken and I needed surgery, because it sure would have beaten the hell out of having to type and Braille one-handed on devices that weren’t designed for that. And that’s just me, who would have benefited for a few months. ?Think of the doors this could open for people who need to rely on dictation all the time. If you have a few extra bucks kicking around, consider throwing some of them this way. You’ll quite literally be helping to make the world a lot easier for many more people.

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