There’s A Reason Why Yankee Doodle Called A Feather Macaroni. How About That

When I was a kid, I thought that Yankee Doodle was just some stupid song that some adult came up with to keep us busy around campfires for a few minutes. At some point I figured out that the tune dated back at least a couple centuries and had something to do with war, but […]

Ring Of Honor TV Is Coming To The Fight Network This Month

Update: There’s now a full press release. Here it is, just in case you need it. You probably don’t need it. Original Post: There’s no official press release announcing it, but these tweets from Live Audio Wrestling are all the confirmation I need seeing as the LAW is part of the Fight Network so almost […]

A Brief History Of Beatings With Frozen Turkeys

Perhaps I should wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas or some other turkey eating holiday to post this, but we never do anything on time around here, so this’ll work. Alex Boese from Weird Universe has done some digging into the history of weaponized frozen turkeys and compiled some highlights from down through the ages. I’m […]

You Can Be Assured Of A Great Experience And Overall Satisfaction When You Choose

My first thought when I saw the headline Passenger Arrested For Masturbating “Up To Three Hours” During Megabus Trip was damn, that’s got to be some kind of record. Turns out The Smoking Gun thinks so too, and if they think it’s a record, it’s probably a record. They’re pretty good at this stuff. So […]