Rogers Just Expanded Its Cheap Internet For Low Income Households Program

In 2013, we mentioned the low cost internet program for people living in geared-to-income housing in Toronto that Rogers was a part of. That program has now been expanded to cover Rogers’ entire service area, which is pretty nice. Rogers is investing in communities by expanding its Connected for Success program, which started in Toronto […]

The Arrogant Worms Would Like Your Help Funding Their Hopefully Very Long Goodbye

The Arrogant Worms are crowdfunding another album. Sadly, it’s their farewell album. Well, their first farewell album, anyhow. We want to put out a new album for our 25th year but we NEED YOUR HELP! The Arrogant Worms have been cranking our melodic Canadian comedy for a quarter of a century now. And a big […]

The Eyebrow’s Connected To The Breast Bone And Other Lessons From Friendly Dr. Newman

Since I posted last, I did some more looking around to see if there was anything else important about Dr. David Newman that might be worth including. I’d have done that during the writing process like I generally do, but Firefox was bound and determined that it was going to crash and try to take […]

Don’t Have Time To Mess With Telemarketers Yourself? Let A Bot Do It For You

Between the Do Not Call List and dropping our landline last year, I don’t get nearly as many chances to screw around with telemarketers as I used to. But apparently Roger Anderson does, so much so that he felt compelled to build himself a phone answering artificial intelligence bot to automate the process. Anderson, who […]