Why Learn A Second Language When You’ve Got An Earpiece And A Smartphone

Finally, a worthwhile and useful wearable that I totally want to use. This is some seriously Star Trek level shit right here, and these guys would have to be the biggest fuckups in the universe and beyond to not become gazillionaires based on it. They’re already off to a fine start in that department (not […]

Guess Who Just Added More Wrestling To Their Schedule

Man, the Fight Network has been on fire with these announcements lately. It’s so cool to have such easy access to all this different wrestling. Between this and the WWE Network, the all wrestling channel I used to imagine when I was a kid is pretty much a real thing now. Fight Network Signs ‘British […]

Yet More Pro Wrestling On The Fight Network: Welcome, Insane Championship Wrestling

I haven’t had a chance to watch any ICW, but I’ve heard good things about them especially lately, so this seems like yet another fine addition to Fight Network’s wrestling lineup. The 1 A.M. timeslot kinda sucks for an old guy like me, but I’m sure there will be replays at better times throughout the […]

So Colin Westman Suddenly Cares About Impaired Driving For Some Reason. That’s Nice, I Guess

Looking at Twitter this morning, I kept seeing the headline “In drunk-driving flood, judge criticizes society for promoting alcohol.” At first, I didn’t pay it much mind. Judges rail against things all the time and while it can sometimes be entertaining and they’re often not wrong, there are better ways to spend my reading energy […]

You Have Arrived At Your Destination. No Seriously, You Have Arrived. We’re Not Kidding

GPS apps are great, but when they say you’ve arrived, you can all but guarantee that you totally haven’t arrived. You’re usually in the middle of a parking lot or standing on a sidewalk kinda sorta closeish but not nearly close enough to what you’re looking for with little or no idea of what to […]