I Guess, You Know, You Should Have Shared

I’m not sure if these types of incidents have slowed down or if I’m just not trying hard enough to dig them up, but it’s been a while since we’ve had a good old fashioned pot roast related sibling stabbin’.

On Monday, police say Rodney Gilliam and his brother Randy Gilliam were drinking alcohol and got into an argument.
Police said the argument was over a pot roast that Rodney was cooking. Randy claimed it was his.
Rodney allegedly grabbed a three-pronged fork and attempted to attack Randy. Police say Randy tackled Rodney and the two began to fight.
Rodney stabbed Randy with the fork, causing lacerations to the head and a puncture wound to the left forearm.

Rodney has been charged with aggravated battery. Randy, according to This is True, feels a little bit bad about it.

“One thing led to another, I feel so bad about it. A family squabble, I mean, like I said I’m sorry he’s going to jail for it. I don’t want to see him do that. But I guess, you know, you shouldn’t stab me.”

“I guess, you know, you shouldn’t stab me” is an early contender for my favourite quote of 2016, by the way.

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