L’Eggo My…Pancakes? Aww Come On!

This really has nothing to do with anything, but I had chicken and waffles this weekend after a friend’s party and it was pretty great. I wouldn’t have thought of making a giant waffle, putting chicken strips on top of it and then dumping maple syrup over the whole thing, but it works and you should all do it. I mention this not only because I’m helpful and want only the best of culinary experiences for you all, but because I’m pretty tired right now and can think of no other waffle related way to lead into this here. Indeed, I am feeling flat as a pancake, you might say.

Officers responded to a home on West Bethel Avenue in reference to a possible domestic dispute. When they arrived, the victim said Thomas became angry with her because she told him she wanted waffles after he made her pancakes for breakfast.
According to the police report, the victim told police Thomas pushed her around, punched her several times in the back with a closed fist and threw her onto a bed and held her down to prevent her from leaving. The woman also told officers Thomas strangled her with her shirt so that she couldn’t breathe.
The woman said she attempted to call 911, but Thomas reportedly took her phone and shut it off.

Breion Donte Thomas, who had run off by the time police arrived, was later arrested and charged with strangulation, criminal confinement, battery with injury and interference with reporting a crime.

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