Hi, Miss. Wait, Make That High, Miss

If winning a game of name bingo came with lots of cash and fabulous prizes, I might be rich right now. Why? Well, because Police in Pottstown were asked to conduct a welfare check on a woman named Sara High at a motel on High Street, that’s why.

It didn’t go well, in case you were wondering.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, police arrived at The America’s Best Value Inn, 29 E. High St., at around 4:30 p.m. after receiving an anonymous call requesting that they check on High. Officers knocked on the door and saw High look out the window. Police said they observed a syringe in her hand.
After police identified themselves and knocked, High took approximately 30 seconds to open the door, according to court documents. Once High answered, police told her that they were there to check on her per a request and that they observed the syringe when she looked out the window. When asked where the syringe was, High stated she didn’t know. Police also noticed a pill bottle sticking out from the left side of her bra. When asked what it was High told police that it was nothing and pushed it back into her bra, police said.

High was then detained for not complying with officers and a female officer was brought to the scene to recover the pill bottle from High.
The bottle was found to contain seven bundles of blue wax bags, totaling 66 bags of suspected heroin, according to court documents. As officers pulled over a suitcase for High to sit on, they found one wax bag containing suspected heroin, police said.

When they searched the room proper, they also unearthed a syringe, a digital scale, two straws containing suspected heroin residue, a Newport cigarette box containing 22 torn pieces of blue wax bags, a pill bottle with High’s name on it filled with 20 Hydroxyzine pills, four Oxycodones, 15 and one quarter Alprazolams and four other pills that were determined not to be controlled substances. There was also $210 in cash, which would have come in much handier had her bail not been set at an amount containing three additional digits.

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