Sir, Which Of The Things We Found In Your Car Did You Say You Were Named After Again?

There are a number of reasons why I might want to post this story. Our hero speeding past a couple of cops sitting in front of a police station so he could get to court on time is one. Double parking in spaces he’s not supposed to park in in the first place once he got there is another. Doing those first two things while his license is suspended and he’s on probation is also not a bad one. Lying to the aforementioned cops about having been driving when they walk over for a chat when court is finished? Yup. Getting busted doing all of the above while driving a car full of sale ready pot, hash and scales? You know it. While high on meth? Uh-huh. And sporting the name Thomas Edward Weed? Bingo. And being Thomas Edward Weed who lives in the city of Grass Valley? Double bingo.

He is now Thomas Edward Weed of Grass Valley who is facing several drug charges, a DUI, a count of driving on a suspended license and a shiny new probation violation. His bail is set at $45,000.

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