That’s The Sound Of The Man, Stuck Inside The Door Chain

I’ve never been the best at remembering to use the chain lock on my door, but maybe I need to try to do better since apparently they work pretty well.

Christopher French managed to get a finger stuck in the security chain of the home in Colchester, Essex, on February 25 this year. Police were alerted by the resident who was at home at the time – and officers arrived to find French still attached to the chain.

They used a screwdriver to free him, and took the time to arrest and charge him with attempted burglary while they were at it.

French, who initially told officers that he was trying to get inside the house because he heard what sounded like a woman in distress, later decided he’d be better off fessing up and pleading guilty. He was sentenced to 33 months in prison, which would suggest that he may have been down this road before.

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