You’re Dead Meat! Cheeseburger Meat, To Be Specific

Let the record show that 2016’s first food feud death has taken place and involves one brother shooting another when an argument over a cheeseburger got way out of hand.

A Florida man is facing first-degree murder charges after police say he shot and killed his brother during an argument over a cheeseburger. “We were in a fight and I grabbed a gun and I shot him. Oh my god,” Benjamin Middendorf said in a 911 call released by the St. Cloud Police Department. Police received a call just after 10pm on Thursday about a shooting at a home in St. Cloud.

According to investigators, Benjamin Middendorf, 25, shot his brother, Nicholas Middendorf, 28, in the chest with a 9mm handgun during an argument. “My son, just shot my son,” Middendorf’s mother told a dispatcher during an emotional 911 call. Nicholas Middendorf died at the home. “This is an impulsive incident that happened.

“Maybe anger, rage. But it was definitely over a verbal dispute that sadly was over a cheeseburger,” St. Cloud Police Department spokesperson Denise Roberts said.

Alcohol was involved, but the only ones that had been drinking were mom and Nicholas, A.K.A. the victim. Benjamin (the shooter) told police that he doesn’t drink and it’s not stated how much the others had had, so it’s hard to pin this one on booze at this point.

Benjamin has been charged with premeditated first-degree murder.

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