You’re Under Arrest And You’re Going To The Family Reunion

You know that saying about leaving well enough alone? This is why we have that.

Officials said they received a bulletin to be on the lookout for a reckless driver travelling southbound on Interstate 75 near Ocala. A trooper spotted the vehicle and was able to stop it.

While talking with the driver, later identified as Josue Moncada, the trooper detected alcohol and arrested him on a DUI charge at 2:55am. Minutes later, Moncada’s sister, Ercilia Moncada, arrived at the incident location and argued with the trooper about why he was arresting her brother.

Another trooper was called to the location and while talking with her, found her to be impaired. She was also arrested on a DUI charge at 3:18am and placed in a second trooper’s cruiser.

Just to put a nice little cherry on top, when trooper one and brother left for jail, sister briefly managed to escape from trooper two while handcuffed but was later recaptured.

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