Helping The Folks from Fort McMurray

Whenever I think about Fort McMurray, and the fire that raged through there and burned down lots of homes and buildings, I feel this huge emptiness in my chest and this feeling of overwhelming helplessness. How do you help a community that needs so much? Well, thankfully the good people at Maclean’s have gathered up every way you could possibly imagine. Seriously, everything from sending text messages that trigger donations to come off your next phone bill to helping reunite pets with owners to volunteering is in there.

Since we like to post ways to send donations by sending text messages to certain numbers, according to the article, “you can donate $5 by texting REDCROSS to 30333 or donate $10 by texting FIRES to 45678.” I’ve done the fires one and it works really well.

It’s great to have such a comprehensive list of ways to help, since there are jerks out there who exploit every tragedy and pretend to be charities to steal money from unsuspecting folks. At least this way, you know the money will be going to the right place.

I feel for everyone in Fort McMurray and area. Sure, it’s wonderful that hardly anyone died, but it’s still pretty crushing to lose everything you own.

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