Get The Dru, It’s Domino’s!

When I saw this video about Domino’s Pizza making a delivery robot,

I had to wonder…did Steve’s friend Greg go to Australia? That has to be why they invented the thing.

Story time. A long, long time ago, when Steve and I still lived in that building that had the big fire that night in January, Greg came over for some drinks and good times. He started mixing stuff with Jack Daniel’s, and without meaning to, he ended up finishing a mickey of the stuff in under an hour. Of course, he was very drunk, very very drunk.

They decided to order some pizza from Domino’s, and Greg was getting goofier and goofier. He suddenly decided that it would be funny if he asked the delivery guy to rub his nipples. I have no idea why he wanted to do this, but this was the running joke.

The pizza guy showed up, and while we were paying, Greg happily announced over and over that he drank a Mickey of Jack in under an hour! How cool is that? As we were finishing paying, Steve asked Greg if he had anything to ask the guy…and for some reason Greg responded with “Do you know where I could get some good head?” Steve laughed and said that wasn’t it, and the delivery guy said “Uh, no…” and left. Steve reminded Greg that he never asked about the nipples, at which point Greg got up, and barreled down the back stairs yelling “Hey Domino’s guy! Domino’s guy!” A minute or so later, he came back all sad that he missed him.

A few weeks later, we ordered Domino’s again, and the same driver showed up. We noticed that he’s really nervous. He finally says “That guy…that other guy…he’s not here is he?” Once we told him Greg wasn’t here, he let out the biggest sigh of relief and became normal again.

So that must be it. Greg went to Australia and scared so many Domino’s guys that they built delivery robots. No, not really, but I needed a good excuse to tell that story.

But on the serious side, again, how are these autonomous robots going to handle complicated stuff like apartment buildings, people who don’t understand the language or can’t see its screens, all those things that really need human problem-solving skills?

For now I think the Delivery Robotic Unit (DRU) is only being used when the task is simple, but I hope they think about those circumstances if DRU becomes popular.

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