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Wow, I feel like I’m on a roll of sad stories. But at least this story isn’t over yet.

Back a while ago, I started noticing tweets from Sarah (Sassy) Outwater. Most of the ones I saw were about access denials from Uber, but there were other ones too. When she got retweeted, which was a lot, what she said was eloquent and had just the right amount of attitude to not cross that line into rage, something that can happen easily enough.

Then I started noticing Facebook posts and learned that while she had been doing all this advocacy, she had also been dealing with brain tumours. That fact made me admire her even more. If the captain could lay me low, I certainly wouldn’t be able to keep going while dealing with a brain tumour. Note to Sarah: if you see this, please don’t take that as an insult, you know, one of those “when you think your life’s bad, it could be worse” comments. I hate those, and anyone who makes those comments can kindly stuff it. I’m saying that from a place of a person whose ass has been kicked by illness, and knows how it feels to have one’s life reduced from normal to doctor’s appointment…journal…take med…manage side-effects. I don’t know if that makes my comment any better, but I hope it helps my case.

Just last week, I saw that her tumour and other medical stuff had made another run at her, making it impossible for her to work for the moment and for who knows how long, so her friends have set up a Gofundme campaign to cover stuff while she’s not able to work. Here’s how much she is loved. They’ve already raised over half of the campaign’s goal.

I hope she gets her goal. She has done so much for anyone who has a disability. The least folks can do is throw her some cash when she needs it, so she can focus all her energy on telling the tumour’s after-effects just where they can go.

If you’re interested, here’s a podcast about it. you might cry.

Sounds like the tumour is gone, but removing the tumour has sent her brain into chaos. I’ve also learned that she’s involved in the romance novel community. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that someone with the gift of finding the right words would be into romance novels. I wish her good luck, and hope this “brain tumour after party” doesn’t go on unbelievably long.

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