Did Somebody Say McMusic?

*puts on old man hat*
Great. I’m trying to enjoy a quick hamburger in peace, but I can’t because numbnuts in the next booth thinks he’s fucking Drake or some shit. Thanks, McDonald’s.

As First We Feast points out, McDonald’s in the Netherlands recently introduced a music-making placemat called McTrax.

McTrax works with a smartphone app and a headphone jack, and transforms the placemat into a music-making machine when it’s all set in place. While it certainly means your phone is in danger of getting soaked in McFlurry slurry and fry salt, it also means you can crank out a quick rap track between bites.

“This is exactly what McDonald’s is. A place to have fun and experience great moments, for everyone,” said some anonymous knob from the marketing department who clearly gives no fucks about anyone’s sanity.

Seriously, I bet I’d have had some pretty good fun with this when I was 12. But also seriously, you do know how annoying it’s going to be listening to people much older than that sing and rap and honestly think they’re the greatest thing since sliced Beyoncé, right? The headphone jack ain’t gonna hide that part.
*removes old man hat*

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