Colon Is A Mighty Big River

So Bowser and Blue wrote another song about colons. I had no idea.

Finding info about it isn’t proving to be the easiest thing in the world, since most of what comes up in Google is just a bunch of people reposting it and even the entry for it on their own website is basically here, have a video. All I know is what it says in the YouTube description, that it’s been around since at least 2007 and it was written to encourage people to get themselves screened. I also know that that there chorus is going to be on repeat in my brain for a while.

“Wait wait wait,” I hear some of you saying. “What do you mean *another* song about colons?”

That would be this one. Chances are decent you’ve heard it somewhere but didn’t know who sang it.

I met these guys after a show once. They were super nice and we had a fun conversation. They even seemed to genuinely remember me when I emailed them about something years later. I was surprised. You should go see them if they’re playing anywhere near where you happen to be. You’ll have fun.

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