August 14th Will Be The End Of 1410 CKSL

When I wrote last week about the impending doom of CKSL, it wasn’t yet known when the axe would fall. Well, word has just come down that that day will be this Sunday, August 14th. Unrelated aside: How the hell is it possible that August 14th is this Sunday? Where is this year going?

Included in that announcement was news that later this week, the history of the station would be celebrated, complete with appearances from some of the legendary broadcasters who have called it home through the years. I’m glad Bell is doing this rather than simply flipping a switch and letting it go bye bye, which is what I honestly expected them to do because they’re Bell Media and Bell Media is pretty much the worst. But strangely, as you’ll see below, that tribute programming won’t be airing on CKSL itself, but rather on 1290 CJBK. Why? I don’t know. The best two reasons I can think of are that Bell owns both stations and would like to bring whoever still listens to CKSL over to CJBK and that when CKSL first signed on in the 1950s, 1290 was its frequency and this is a subtle nod to history and to people like me who know that kind of thing. I imagine it’s more of option A than option B, but I’m going to pretend that option B played a part in the decision because it would be kind of cool if it did. Speaking of things that would have been kind of cool, it’s too bad that they didn’t hold off on making this move until October 14th, because then 1410 could have gone out on 14-10.

Bell Media Radio announced today it will honour the history of CKSL-AM, Funny 1410 before it permanently ends operations and goes off the airwaves on Sunday, Aug. 14 at midnight. The station has provided music, news, sports, and entertainment to listeners across London and the surrounding region for nearly 60 years.
“We’d like to thank listeners and advertisers for their loyalty to CKSL-AM over many successful years, and for allowing us to play an integral role in the community,” said Don Mumford, Vice-President and General Manager, Radio and Local TV, Bell Media.
Throughout the day on Thursday, Aug. 10 and Friday, Aug. 11, local news/talk station 1290 CJBK London will deliver special tribute programming celebrating the legacy of CKSL-AM. The tributes include a rich lineup of CKSL’s legendary personalities, including Peter Garland, Rich Greven, Elaine Sawyer, Derek Botten, “Ambassador of Funny” Mike Nabuurs, and more. The celebration continues Friday evening on CTV NEWS AT SIX with a special report from Videographer Nick Paparella.
CKSL-AM commenced broadcasting on June 24, 1956. Founded by London Broadcasters Ltd., which operated the station until selling to a succession of owners in 1989, CKSL became London’s second radio station. CKSL played an important role in the community while adopting numerous formats throughout the years, ranging from contemporary hits to nostalgia, news/talk, and entertainment. CKSL-AM most recently provided comedy programming 24/7 under the Funny 1410 brand.
A mainstay for listeners, and at times leading the market in share of tuning, CKSL-AM introduced numerous on-air personalities who became household names: Bob MacAdorey was the station’s first “Morning Man”, followed by celebrities such as Pete James, Bill Brady, Peter Garland, Rich Greven, Jim Craig, Mitch O’Connor, Derek Botten, Jim Chapman, and current morning show host on Today’s Country BX93, Dave Collins, who co-hosted mornings on CKSL with Jackie Gauthier.
Other notable members of the CKSL legacy were News Directors Tom Dalby, Al Gibson, and George Gordon, as well as former Vice-President and General Manager, Gord Hume, who is best recognized for his years as a sitting London city councillor and member of Board of Control.

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