It’s Fun To Steal From The YMCA, But It Doesn’t Pay Very Well

There’s no sound, but what you’re watching is surveillance video of a fellow who might have a tough time paying his bail when the police eventually catch up with him. The surveillance footage, recorded Sept. 10 at the YMCA Doris Mechanick Child Development Center in Indio, shows a man drop into the playroom through the […]

Today In Things We’re Supposed To Be Offended By: Scary Eyed Halloween Heads

Some of you younger folks may not believe this, but there once was a time when, though things were not perfect in this world much like they aren’t perfect now, people were allowed to have something called fun. You were allowed to eat junkfood now and again without having to hear ceaselessly about how awful […]

Have You Heard? If You Drill A Hole In Your New iPhone, You’ll Get To Buy A New iPhone

People will believe any damn thing. This is a fact. And should you decide that now might be a fine time to work out your contrarian muscles and not take my word for it, I give you this. Oh come on, Steve. This is so obviously a terrible idea, not to mention a prank. It […]

An Update From The Land Of Brad And Trix

I’m so glad Brad did this update, complete with pictures. Now we can catch up on the life of Trix, which is still pretty good. Take it away, Brad. Rumour has it that it’s been quite some time since we last heard how good Ole Trixie is doing. Well my hound-loving blog readers, we’re about […]

If You Use Any Services Powered By Yahoo!, It Might Be Time To Change Some Passwords

So…uh, this is not good. Very not good. Hackers strongly believed to be state-sponsored swiped account records for 500 million Yahoo! webmail users. And who knew there were that many people using its email? The troubled online giant said on Thursday that the break-in occurred in late 2014, and that names, email addresses, telephone numbers, […]