Charles Street Terminal Is Changing A Bit On September 5th. Here’s How, In Text Form For The Blind Kids

Earlier this morning, Grand River Transit tweeted out a link to some changes they’re making to the bus terminal on Charles Street in downtown Kitchener. Unfortunately the link went to this PDF, which is great for most people, but not so great for blind folks like me, Carin or any of the others that float around town. So I replied and asked if there happened to be a text version of the important information lying around somewhere and if yes can I have it, and since GRT is generally pretty good at the helpfulness thing, I now have this to share with you all.

Hi Steve,
Here are the changes to the platform layout at Charles Street terminal as of Sept. 5. All signage at the terminal will be updated.
Effective September 5, 2016, the platform layout at the Charles St. Terminal will change. The changes are being made to accommodate GO Transit which can no longer use stops on-street in front of the terminal. GO Transit is also adding a new route that will serve the Charles St. Terminal. The following changes will be made:
• Platform F is being extended out towards Gaukel St. Two GO Transit stops will be established back-to-back in the bay currently occupied by Rt. 1 Queen-River to Fairview Park. GO Transit Routes 25 and 30 will use these two stops. Because double-decker buses will be used on these routes, GO routes must use Lane 5 to avoid the overhead walkway.
• Rt. 1 Queen-River to Fairview Park will move into the Rt. 22 Laurentian West bay.
• Rt. 22 Laurentian West will move into the Rt. 4 Glasgow bay. This will be a shared bay between the two routes. Rt. 4 Glasgow trips in the evening and on Saturday will use this bay.
• Rt. 4 Glasgow will also move into the Rt. 2 Forest Heights bay. This will be a shared bay between the two routes. Rt. 4 Glasgow trips during the day Monday to Friday will use this bay.
It is necessary to split the bus bay location for Rt. 4 Glasgow in order to avoid conflicts with other routes. It also allows Rt. 4 to remain on Platform E to facilitate transfers to other routes.

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