Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes, Black Kids

I meant to put this up a long time ago. I saw this on Facebook, and I thought it was very powerful. It’s amazing how quickly Jane Elliott manages to break down the blue-eyed people. This was just a couple of hours of these kids’ lives. Imagine what people must feel like when they deal with this every day, day in and day out. I guess I have a sliver of a clue, because I deal with people who think I’m dumb and incompetent nearly everywhere I go because I’m blind, but that’s not nearly as bad as being hoofed off a subway car for being black, so I won’t even try to compare. I’ll admit I don’t know if that story is true, but I have no reason to believe it’s not.

Just to warn you, this video goes for nearly an hour, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you watched the whole thing and didn’t notice how quickly time went by.

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