Fifteen Years On

Before we get to Gill, a couple of things:
1. I used to think it was kind of lame that my birthday is right before Christmas, but I can’t imagine it being on 9/11. That sure would suck now.
2. All the best to everyone today. Even after all this time, for some folks it never gets easier. Let’s all be kind and take care of one another. Sound good?

Take it away, Gill.
Where I Was

I woke up at eight-forty-six that morning completely unaware of the world outside. I got ready, went and got my grocery money, and went about my business. Something however didn’t feel right, there was a heavy silence in the air, and a feeling that something just was not right.

When I Turned on the TV

I began to develop a headache, the likes of which I knew only to be a migraine. I went to lay down, switching on my TV to watch the end of Jenny Jones. Following that, I switched over to another network, and jumped back. I saw a tower of flames and smoke.

The Question

I had to decide if my nerves were strong enough to go to a BBQ later that day, or if my migraine would decide as well. I can also tell you that although it was my dad’s birthday, I wasn’t overly certain that phoning him would be appropriate.

Note- I did go to the BBQ.

Since Then

I have seen the worst the world can offer, and the best. I have also decided that giving in to fear and holding up in my apartment is not the way to honor those gone through such acts of evil. My mother also told me that in order for us to be agents of change we must stand together.

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