Little Boxes On My Facebook

I’ll freely admit I’m a chicken. I’ve wanted to post this song on my Facebook, but I’m afraid I’ll single-handedly insult everyone who calls themselves my friend. I shouldn’t be…but I am. So here, let me post this from the safety of the blog, even though probably a bunch of Facebook types read here, so oops. All I have to say is if you’re upset, maybe the next little box you should look at is a mirror.

I caught myself actually applauding in places during this video. Um, lady, it’s a friggin video.

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  1. I wouldn’t feel too badly about insulting or offending those people. The problem ones are the same types who forward the same garbage by email and the rest are of the new class of internet users who need to be told off before their cutting and pasting of friendship notes gets too out of control.

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