People You May Noooooo!

I have always found Facebook’s “people you may know” feature a little creepy. Sure, it has pointed out people that make perfect logical sense why it might think I would know them, but some of its hits are accurate, but seemingly out of the blue. For example, it asked me if I knew a random woman who had helped me find a store on a random Kitchener street one day. The only reason I knew her whole name is she had offered to give me her number if I ever needed anything and gave me her name. But we don’t really have friends in common. The only reason we know each other at all is we ran into each other in a parking lot.

But that’s nothing compared to the connection that Facebook made between a mugger and one of his victims. Can you imagine scrolling through the “people you may know” section, and looking square into the face of the guy who stole your car?

Not too long ago, Famuyide brandished a knife and stole a car. Flash forward a bit, and the victim of said car robbery was recently shocked to see Famuyide’s face pop up as a suggested friend he might want to add on Facebook.

The victim promptly called the police who quickly managed to tie him to a large number of other violent crimes.

Um, no, Facebook, I do not want to be this guy’s friend, but thanks for the help.

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