It’s Ontario-O-O’s New Song! What Do You Think?

When I first heard that the Ontario song was getting an update, I channeled my inner old person and cringed. What on earth were they going to do to it, and would I hate it for years to come? But I’m pleasantly surprised. I kind of like the feel of the new song.

For reference, here’s the old song.

I used to play that song on the piano…and I don’t think I was that peppy about it. It sounded kind of like what it sounds like when a kid learning the piano is set loose on a song that the teacher thinks is just basic enough that the kid might have some success, but semi-listenable enough that if the kid gets good at it, their family might be able to put up with that song over and over again…but until they get good, it’s nothing short of butchery.

And here’s the new song.

At first, I thought the girl was bored, but she got into it after a while, and you know what? I could handle this one. I especially like the bit of French at the end of the second verse. It’s a nice touch.

Although…I don’t think you could play this one on the piano and do it justice.

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  1. I thought you were telling me that they were updating the good things grow in Ontario song. Also since when did you play the piano and how did I never know about this given that I play piano and we’ve been friends for 12 years?

  2. Hehehe. Ah good things gro-o-ow, in Ontario.Funny how we don’t hear that anymore.

    Hehe…you play the piano. What I did sort of sounded like I was trying to play with the piano. I never got super good at it. I would memorize groups of keys I should hit to make a given chord, but it never felt like actually making music.

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