I Heard They Were Extinct And I Thought I Could Help

“So, what’d you do this weekend?”

“Not too much. Paid the rent, did the laundry, watched some baseball…How about you? Did you get up to anything exciting?”

“Well, I went to the dinosaur theme park and got it on with a statue of a hatching T rex, does that count?

Police officers investigating images of a woman having sex with a dinosaur have identified a suspect after the sculpture had to be thoroughly cleaned by council workers.
Graphic images emerged showing the woman naked from her waist down on a children’s dinosaur sculpture in Exmouth last week.
She was seen mounting the baby Tyrannosaurus Rex model, who was placed in a fake egg.
The model is part of the popular local children’s attraction – the Exmouth Dino Trail.
Sergeant Richard Stonecliffe, from Exmouth Police, said: “We are still continuing our investigations and we have now identified the woman in the photographs who we will be speaking to.”

So far no charges have been laid, but surely it’s just a matter of time.

In the meantime, officials encourage everyone to keep visiting and enjoying the trail, but caution that “the dinosaurs are for looking at only and should not be touched or climbed on.”

Or humped, which really should go without saying.

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