This Is What A Wildcard Walk-Off Sounds Like

This is fun…unless you’re an Orioles fan, I suspect.

It’s the sound of Edwin Encarnacion’s walk-off home run at the end of last week’s Wildcard game as heard live at the Dome, on ESPN’s Spanish feed, TBS, WJZ Baltimore, RDS (the French equivalent of TSN) and The Fan 590 Toronto.

Based on this, I think I need to listen to all my baseball in Spanish from now on. Boy is that fella ever excited, and there’s even some happy music thrown in for good measure! I wouldn’t understand a word of it mind you, but who cares! It sounds like so much fun!

I also love how Joe Angel, who I quite enjoy listening to, is so matter of fact about it all. “The season is over.” “The Orioles are going home.” He’s just the right mix of well, them’s the facts and awwwwwww son of a bitch!

Oh, and holy shit, you guys! The Jays are in the ALCS again! After that god awful September! Swept Texas! First postseason sweep in team history and they did it to our newest rival, so bonus! And the Indians swept Boston, so double bonus! I don’t know quite how I feel about our chances of getting beyond this point based on how Cleveland treated Boston’s best pitchers, but I’m damn sure excited to see where things go! I’ll have to miss a bunch of game one since we bought tickets to a comedy show long before we knew this was going to happen, but I’ll be following along and trying not to cheer too loudly at inappropriate times as best I can while I’m gone.

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