Rogers Centre Fan Assist: This Fan Thanks You For Your Assistance.

A few weeks ago, Steve and I went to another Blue Jays game, one of the last games of the season. That was a fun game to watch. But the reason I’m writing about it is because we learned about a service offered by the Rogers Centre that’s pretty cool, and I wish it was more broadly advertised.

It’s called Fan Assist. How it works is you text a phone number and you can ask them a question, anything ranging from “where’s an ATM?” to “where’s the nearest bathroom?” to “I have a security issue in my section.” You give them your section, row and seat number and they either can just answer you, or they send someone to help you. How friggin awesome is that?

As fate would have it, I needed to make use of the service that night. Tanseroo was being silly, and when I offered her a chance to relieve when we got off the bus from work, all she would do was pee. I was sure that she’d need to do the other at some point…I didn’t know how long she could hold it.

I noticed a little while later that Tansy was looking very uncomfortable. We had arrived pretty early for the game, and had heard the PA guy make an announcement about fan assist, so I figured it was time to try it out, so I did. They texted me right back and said they would send someone. It took a few minutes, but hey, this is the Rogers Centre…people can’t just appear instantly. A nice fellow came and got some kind of pass to take us out of the building, took the dog and I outside, Tans took care of business, seemingly quite gratefully, and then he brought us back to my seat. Friggin yes!

Here is the page with the info, and here is the specific bit about Fan Assist.

Guests are invited to make use of the Rogers Centre Fan Assist Program if they have an issue in their seating section or a question related to their experience.
Simply send us a text to 647-503-4131 using your mobile phone – please include your issue or question and seating section, row and seat. The process is quick and simple and by using the Fan Assist Program, guests are able to report issues and concerns, ask for information and call for assistance in a discreet and convenient manner.
Operators are standing by and participation in our service is free of charge; however, standard carrier text messaging & data charges will apply. Please note, cell phone numbers that repeatedly send messages which are deemed fraudulent or irrelevant may be prevented from communicating in the future.

Awesome. Believe me, I was grateful for the program that night, and evidently, so was Tansy. I’m going to put that number in my contact list so if I need it again, it will make the process even faster. I hope they never eliminate it.

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