On The Bright Side, Maybe He’ll Be Able To Get Medical Marijuana For The Pain

At this point, I’m sure that everyone but the people doing it has figured out that using Facebook to set up crimes makes you a bad criminal. I’m so sure, in fact, that stories where that’s the only thing that goes wrong hardly even register with me anymore. But criminals being what they are, plenty of them still find ways to make sure that I click on those headlines whenever I see one, juuuuuuust in case.

According to court documents:
The teenager set up a drug deal on Facebook with a friend. His friend met the dealer, who showed him the marijuana he wanted. The friend grabbed the bag and ran.
The dealer and the passenger from his car chased the friend about 50 yards before the teenager — wearing a mask and showing a handgun — showed up and asked, “What’s up?”
The dealer and passenger then ran toward their car.
The teenager went to put the gun back into his pants and the weapon fired a bullet through his leg.

Though I suppose it’s technically correct, “through his leg” seems like a bit of an understated way to describe a shot that resulted in 7 hours of surgery to repair a fractured pelvis, fractured femur, severely damaged femoral artery, left groin and left buttocks.

And since no, he has not suffered enough, he now faces charges of suspicion of committing first-degree armed robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm. Two others who are believed to be his accomplices were also charged with first-degree robbery.

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